5 Muscle Building Exercises for Women

5 Muscle Building Exercises for Women

While many women choose to exercise to experience weight loss, many exercises can be completed to both enhance that weight loss &  help build muscle as well. Whether you join a small group personal training programmer, go it alone at a health &  wellness center, or join a physical fitness &  health class, you’re sure to notice the difference to your muscles as time progresses. 5 Muscle Building Exercises for Women.

Seeing the need for exercises that target muscle building, we’ve compiled a list of five muscle building exercises for women that can transform your body.


At many fitness classes, squats form a large part of the weight loss program. This is because they are a non-impact exercise that most women can do, &  they work the largest muscle groups in your body. Not only can they benefit your thighs, buttocks, calves &  hip muscles, but they can even straighten your hamstrings, ligaments, tendons &  lower body bones at the same time.

5 Muscle Building Exercises for Women

Dumbbell/kettle bell row

If you’re looking for an exercise that works in line with everyday tasks, dumbbell or kettle bell rows are a good option for you. These exercises are commonplace in many physical fitness classes, &  offer increased strength to allow you to carry out everyday tasks such as lifting children, groceries, &  household items with ease. By building on your back, shoulder &  bicep muscles you use for these functions, you may find you have increased strength &  more energy than you ever did before.

Dumbbell chest press

If defined arm muscles are on your wish list this Christmas, dumbbell chest presses are the very thing to help you achieve them. Over time, this exercise will help you define your shoulder, chest &  trice muscles. The best part about completing chest presses at your local physical fitness class is that there are many different variations you can try. As such, you’re able to work out various muscles for better results.

5 Muscle Building Exercises for Women

The plank

When you’re looking into health &  fitness for women, the plank exercise will feature in many of those weight loss &  strength programs. It’s an exceptional form of exercise to strengthen your core &  doesn’t require any equipment to complete. You merely get down into an almost press-up position, on your elbows or forearms, &  your toes, &  hold the position for as long as you can. It works your abdominal muscles, hips, back, &  obliques. Many women choose to complete the plank when they’re looking to get in shape, as abdominal strength can be beneficial for a range of other exercises as well.


Lunges are an exceptionally beneficial exercise for women, especially as they work the thighs, hamstrings, glutes, &  even your core. They work one side of the body at a time &  work in line with daily activities such as picking items up off the floor, picking up a child, or petting an animal. If you’re looking for exercises that help you get in shape &  don’t require any additional exercise equipment other than your own body, there’s every reason to give them a try!

5 Muscle Building Exercises for Women

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